Since the beginning of our childhood, we have come to know the “saree” as an all-time favorite female attire. You probably don’t need an introduction for it also! A traditional but popular outfit, the saree has been worn by women since ancient times to modern times. What started as a traditional outfit has now become a glamorous party dress. A piece of cloth of 5 to 9 yards in length, the saree is so popular that it’s worn by all classes of the society.

With so many fabrics, so many designs and so many different ways to wear it, the saree has become a must-have for all women. But have you ever wondered as to why the saree is popular? Why is the saree so special among women?

  • The saree is the ideal feminine attire that beautifully accentuates the looks of women and adds the classic touch of sensuality, elegance, and gorgeousness to a woman’s personality and beauty.
  • The versatility of this 6 to the 9-yard outfit also added to its popularity. It can be draped a number of ways, with the Nivi style being the most popular. Another aspect of its versatility has to do with it not being stitched.
  • A saree is a garment for all seasons. Women can wear saree differently depending on the climate, mood or social situation. Different sarees keep the women warm during winter and cool in the summers, making it the ideal outfit for every climate.
  • The Indian saree represents a blend of culture and fashion. This 5 to 9 yards of cloth embodies our culture, tradition and moves our legacy forward in the most fashionable manner.
  • And the best reason that makes the saree truly special? It suits all body types! It compliments you more than any other outfit! It highlights your curves and conceals all your flaws, ultimately giving you a perfect look.

Without a doubt, it can be said that sarees often evoke a feeling of sentimentality and nostalgia. Other than being purely a functional garment, sarees will always be deeply connected to our identity.

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