Nothing enhances the beauty and elegance of an Indian woman like a saree. This attire suits women with diverse body types and can be draped in various styles, each having its own look and appeal. In this blog, we’ll talk about five interesting ways of draping a saree:

1) The lehenga drape

With this style of saree drape, it looks like you’re wearing a lehenga. Several pleats have to be made of the saree and tucked around the waist area stylishly so that an illusion of lehenga is created. Flaunt a stylish blouse with this drape along with suitable accessories to complete the look.

2) The front pallu style

This style suits best when the pallu is intricately designed and you’d want to show it off. Do not tuck or pleat the pallu; just let it rest on the right shoulder. Pin it if you find it difficult to manage. A fitted blouse is important with this saree style and so are proper jewelry.

3) The belted saree style

This is a very stylish approach to saree draping. Belt of any kind can be used, but make sure to choose one that fits you well. The pallu has to be neatly and tightly pleated in this frontal saree drape and pinned on the shoulder. The belt makes the waistline look slim and adds style and elegance to the appearance.

4) The mermaid drape

Sarees with embellished borders and heavy pallus are great for this style of saree drape. The lower portion is draped in a manner that resembles the tail of a mermaid. This draping style gives the wearer a slimmer appearance.

5) Bollywood style

This saree draping style is for those who wish to flaunt their well-maintained figure. The pallu is arranged in very narrow pleats and pinned on the shoulder, exposing the toned midriff. The blouse is usually heavily embellished. This style looks best with georgette, net and chiffon sarees. These five saree draping styles will give you plenty of room to experiment with your look. And if you feel less confident to try them? Don’t worry, you can easily take help from online tutorials to master these interesting saree draping styles.

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